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Posted: Mar, 2, 2012

What You Need to Know About Infant Car Seat Compatibility

Infant Car Seat Compatibility: Many parents prefer the convenience of buying a travel system, where a stroller and infant car seat are sold together. One of the biggest benefits of a travel system is that it provides an easy way of knowing that your stroller can safely accommodate your infant car seat. However, keep in mind that there are many strollers that can accept infant car seats, not just travel systems. You can create your own travel system by purchasing a separate infant car seat and stroller that are compatible, even if they are different brands. Choosing a stroller that fits different infant car seats allows you the ultimate choice in picking out the best car seat and the best stroller that work for you.

Some strollers can accommodate an infant car seat by simply placing the seat into the stroller and securing with straps or clips, while other strollers provide a separate adapter that can accommodate the infant car seat. Universal car seat carriers are a great, light weight alternative when you just need something to carry the infant car seat. Another option is to look for a stroller with an infant car seat adapter. Generally, the adapter will attach directly to the stroller, and then you can secure the infant car seat in the adapter with straps or clips. An adapter provides the benefit of a lighter stroller since you don’t have the extra weight of the stroller seat.


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