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Posted: Mar, 2, 2012

What is the Best Crib Mattress for My Baby?

Crib Mattress Buying Guide

It’s natural to want the best crib mattress for your baby. A comfortable sleep starts with the crib mattress, but buying a crib mattress can be difficult when there are so many options. The following mattress guide will help you understand the difference between latex, soybean, organic cotton, and foam or innerspring crib mattresses so you can find the best crib mattress for your baby. 

Should I purchase an innerspring or foam crib mattress?

Both are good options and it’s a personal choice.

  • Some parents prefer an all foam crib mattress because they tend to be lightweight so it’s easy to change sheets.
  • Some parents prefer an innerspring mattress because innersprings are made from steel therefore very durable and long-lasting.


What is a two-stage crib mattress?

A two-stage crib mattress has 2 distinct feels on each side of the mattress. Usually it is a firmer or extra padded side for infants and softer side for toddlers.


What kind of organic crib mattresses are there?

Currently a 100% organic mattress does not exist. There are organic elements, such as organic cotton fill, organic cotton covers or organic cotton mattress pads. If natural or organic is important to you, consider mattresses made with natural materials including bamboo or organic cotton and mattresses that have fill materials such as soybean foam, latex foam or organic cotton.


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