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Posted: Mar, 2, 2012

Is my Crib Mattress Safe?

Crib Mattress Buying Guide

The number one question parents have about their baby’s crib mattress is “IS IT SAFE?” A lot of manufacturer’s position their mattresses as being safer than another. Unfortunately there is a lot of misleading information in the market to sell mattresses but all mattresses must pass federal regulations. There is no scientific evidence that a particular mattress material will cause or eliminate the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Use the crib mattress safety tips presented in this article to help create a safe sleeping environment for your baby.

Seven Questions to Learn about the Crib Mattress Manufacturer:

  1. How long has the manufacturer been making crib mattresses?

    Kolcraft's answer: Kolcraft is a third generation family-owned and operated baby gear manufacturer. Since 1946, Kolcraft has developed products, especially crib mattresses, for infants and toddlers. In 1994, Kolcraft partnered with Sealy by licensing its brand to produce crib and toddler bed mattresses.

  2. What is the leading brand?

    Kolcraft's answer: Since 1994 Kolcraft, the #1 crib mattress manufacturer in the USA, has partnered with Sealy, the #1 mattress brand in the USA, by licensing its brand to produce crib and toddler bed mattresses.

  3. Is it a reputable brand and who makes that brand?

    Kolcraft's answer: Kolcraft and Sealy's partnership makes us the number one crib mattress brand in the USA.

  4. Does the manufacture make their own crib mattresses or do they have a 3rd party make them?

    Kolcraft's answer: Kolcraft and Sealy crib mattresses are made by Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc. in the United States, specifically North Carolina.

  5. Do they show you illustrations or pictures of what’s inside their crib mattress?

    Kolcraft's answer: Check out the images on our product pages and on many of our retailers websites.
  6. What type of durability and quality testing do they conduct? Kolcraft's answer:

    Kolcraft and Sealy crib mattresses pass over 65 quality tests including: Sealy and Kolcraft crib mattresses are tested for durability up to 240 lbs., deformation up to 230 lbs., sagging up to 200 lbs., and firmness retention of 80 lbs. Other tests include: flammability, toxicity & chemicals, phthalates, lead, crib fit, waterproofing, clean-ability, antimicrobial, tear-resistance, lock-stitching, cold-cracking, and shipping.
  7. What do other parents have to say about their experiences with the brand?

    Kolcraft's answer: Visit the reviews on our website and retailer websites about their experiences with the Kolcraft and Sealy crib mattress brands. We are proud of our endorsements and we know you will find the information you need.


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