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Posted: Mar, 2, 2012

The Simple Truth about Soybean Foam

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What is soybean foam?
Soybean-based foam is more of an Earth-friendly foam than conventional foams. By using a percentage of natural soybean oils to create the foam, less petroleum and crude oils are needed.

What are the benefits of using soybean-enhanced foam in a crib mattress?

  1. Environmentally friendly: Soybean-enhanced foam has a smaller carbon footprint because soybeans are a natural and renewable resource that farmers can grow year round. Instead of drilling for oils or shipping petroleum from overseas, locally grown soybean oils can be used. There is a decrease in energy consumed to make the product and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Economical: The soybeans used in the foam are grown in the USA, supporting the American farmer, and depending less on foreign oils to create durable foams. Soybeans are the USA’s second largest exported crop, second only to corn. Technology such as this help increase demand, planting, and incentives for farmers to grow soybeans.
  3. Durable: Soybean-based foams are high-density and firm to support sleeping infants. Soybean-based foams offer:


Reduced sagging

Improved durability and lifespan

Comfortable sleeping environment

What are people saying about soybean-enhanced foam?  Soybean foam has won prestigious innovation awards from environmental groups, including the EPA and engineering groups, including the Society of Plastics Engineers and the Alliance for the Polyurethane Industry.


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