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Posted: Mar, 2, 2012

How to Buy a Stroller: The 5 "Must Knows" to Remember

Stroller Buying Guide

  1. Know your lifestyle
    For many parents and grandparents, a stroller is something you’ll use almost every day for a few years. Some even say baby strollers are an extension of your personality just like your car, clothing or home. Because of this, it’s important to select a stroller that fits your lifestyle—consider stroller size, price, style, and quality. If you live in a small apartment, you’d want a small stroller to preserve space. If you are a bargain shopper, you are probably a bargain shopper when it comes to strollers, so you won’t need to look at strollers with extra bells and whistles. If you want to keep your baby stroller for several years, you want a high quality stroller in a classic color that isn’t just this year’s trend.

  2. “Matchy Matchy” does not last.
    Just because your stroller matches your car seat, playard, and high chair, doesn’t mean you have the perfect stroller. You need a stroller that fits your lifestyle, not one that matches your other baby gear. Keep in mind that you will use all your baby gear at different stages of your baby’s life. It is best to pick the right product for your lifestyle, not to match your car seat. (Refer to Lesson #1).

  3. Strollers and infant car seats don’t have to be bought from the same manufacturer. Buying an infant car seat is one of the biggest safety decisions you will make for your child. It is better to buy an infant car seat that rates the highest rather than buying one that matches your stroller. An infant car seat may only last your child the first 6 months of their life, while a stroller will be used even when he is a toddler. Universal car seat carriers are a great lightweight alternative.

  4. Most parents end up with 2-5 strollers. There is no perfect stroller. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and changes as your baby grows. If you live in a 3rd floor apartment and have to carry your stroller up flights of stairs, a lightweight stroller is key. If you live on a road with bumpy sidewalks, large wheels may be important. Again, consider your lifestyle before you buy a stroller. (Refer to #1)

  5. Don’t overlook key features- It’s difficult to remember everything you need in a stroller. It is helpful to keep the following key features in mind:
  • Safety restraints for your baby
  • Cup holders to hold your and baby’s drinks
  • Reversible seat to interact with your baby
  • Ease of and size of folding stroller
  • Additional accessories included


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