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Posted: Mar, 13, 2012

Ideal Window Treatments for Baby

It is very important to take certain factors into account when decorating your new baby’s room. Babies have specific needs that are very different from the needs of older children and adults. One of the most important parts of deciding on a baby’s bedroom décor is how you select the window treatments.

Some considerations:

  • The window treatments in your baby’s room are going to control how much natural light is let in through the window. Obviously, trying to get a baby to sleep during the bright light of day is very difficult if you don’t have something covering the window. Your options here are going to depend on where in the house your baby’s room is located. White sheer curtains should be sufficient if the baby’s window does not receive direct sunlight at any point during the day. However, if it does, it is probably best to go with a heavier, dark-colored curtain instead.
  • Another thing to take into consideration is noise. This may not be a problem if you live in a more rural area, but if you live in a big city and your baby’s window faces the street, noise reduction is definitely needed. There is no such thing as a soundproof curtain, but curtains made from felt or velvet have been found to reduce noise. The only downside to noise reduction curtains is that they aren’t that elegant looking and tend to be rather expensive.
  • The last (and most important) factor to take into consideration when deciding on window treatments for your baby’s bedroom is safety. You want to avoid floor length, trailing curtains pooling or lying in a puddle on the floor as the baby might try to pull up on them. Also, stay away from anything that comes with a long cord as there have been a number of cases of children accidentally strangling themselves on the cords that are used to control blinds and shades. 

Finally, always make sure there are no loose hardware pieces, holdbacks or curtain rods that could fall on your child. Special thanks to Horizon Window Treatments for their expertise in writing this article


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