Got Tandems?

Whether you have twins or more than one child who needs a stroller, you know the challenge of a “stroller solution” for multiples. I still remember blazing hot days at the zoo with my niece and nephew who both needed a stroller after about an hour of walking. We didn’t have a tandem so we […]

Diaper Dilemmas

Whether you are a fan of cloth diapers or prefer to dispose your diapers, one thing is certain when it comes to the diaper debate – you go through a lot of them on any given day. There are many sites for “diaper tips” that we love, but we wanted to highlight two that might […]

Sleep Routines for Baby

Sleep routines can be challenging for parents especially when a newborn just doesn’t want to go to sleep. Developing a  sleep routine can help with this. Keep bed time consistent and develop soothing rituals such as singing, rocking, reading to, or cuddling baby. These rituals can not only help baby sleep, but become ways of […]

Mom Monday with My Mommy Manual

This week, our Mom Monday series features the co-founder of My Mommy Manual, Suzanne Tucker, a.k.a. Zen Mommy. (Try saying Mom Monday with My Mommy Manual’s mom of multiples 5 times fast!) She co-creates this online mommy community that includes online events and giveaways, a Yogi Parenting course and “practical and inspired tips” for parents. […]

Springtime Fun for Kids

In Chicago it has been awhile since we have seen sunshine, so we welcome even the faintest glimmer of Spring. With Spring comes budding flowers, green grass and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with your children. Gardening with your kids is a great way to teach your child about different flowers and vegetables while having […]