Archive | April, 2010

How Would You Like A Golden Ticket?

Do you remember the excitement on Charlie’s face when he won a golden ticket and had the chance to go to the Chocolate Factory? Well, Baby Age is giving you the chance to win a Golden Ticket! You won’ t end up at a chocolate factory, but you will end up with great baby gear! From […]

Edible Play-dough

Who hasn’t grown up having hours of fun with play-dough? Here at Kolcraft we were talking about all the “works of art” we made out of play-dough so we had lots of fun “test driving” today’s fun Friday activity; edible play-dough! This simple activity is easy to do, edible and good for the environment! What […]

Earth Day, Soybeans and Crib Mattresses...

What do earth day, soybeans and crib mattresses have to do with each other? More than you might think! As we celebrate earth day we look at different ways we can care for our earth. One of those ways is by buying earth-friendly products such as those made from soybeans. Several Sealy® crib mattresses are […]

Teaching Your Child About the...

Teaching your child about the environment and caring for the earth helps shape their perspectives, values and how to interact with the environment. It also nurtures a sense of wonder, imagination and creativity. It exposes them to beauty and helps them remain active. A few simple ways you can start teaching your child about the […]

Teaching Your Child To Be Green

As we continue to celebrate earth week, this Tip Tuesday we are featuring easy tips to teach your child how to be green and care for the earth. Being green is something that everyone – no matter how young or old – can do. Your child learns so much from you from values to lifestyle, […]