Traveling with Kids

It’s Memorial Day weekend and for some that means vacation or a trip to visit friends and family that entails a long drive. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your cool when you are asked for the millionth time “Are we there yet?”. We love all the great travel tips at My Mommy Manual. They have practical, inexpensive […]

Great Strollers for the Summer

Memorial weekend is the unofficial start to summer which means more time outdoors! Whether your summer plans include a trip to the zoo, an amusement park, a vacation to Disney World or exploring your own city, one thing is for sure – if you have a little one you need an umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers are lightweight and compact so they […]

Your Child is Graduating!

It’s seems like you were just bringing your baby home from the hospital and now she is graduating Preschool or Kindergarten! While she may not be moving out for college, Preschool and Kindergarten graduation is a milestone and a time to celebrate all that your little one has accomplished and all that is before her.  […]

Tip Tuesday

Parenting brings lots of hugs and kisses and also a dent to your bank account. While every penny spent is worth it times ten, some money saving tips can be helpful. 1. Use coupons effectively. Write out your grocery list before you look at coupons so you don’t end up buying something just because you […]