Celebrating 4th of July with Kids

Who doesn’t love holiday BBQ, picnics and fireworks? Since the 4th of July weekend is coming up, we thought our Wednesday Wonder should have some fun kid recipes. (Check back on Friday when we will have 4th of July activities for kids!) Healthy Fruit Kabobs your kids can make! What you will need: • 1 […]

Under the Microscope with Dad Labs

Dad Labs – is it a lab where dads are grown? Well, sort of. 🙂 It’s a very hip, get all sorts of info, witty, smart, fun site all about dads for dads. We can’t contain our excitement over this site and had to share our interview with Daddy Troy who is one of the […]

Three Fun Summer Water Activities for Kids

With temperatures crawling over 90 degrees across the US, a little water fun can help active kids keep cool and entertained.  Today’s Fun Friday features three quick and easy water ideas you can try out this weekend! 1. Water Coloring – get some bathtub crayons and head outside. Go wild drawing on your child’s arms, […]