Kids Eat Free!

Some days it is hard to get dinner on the table, but eating out with a family won’t work with your monthly budget either. Did you know that many restaurants have special “kids eat free” days? That’s right – there may be some dinner relief in sight at an affordable price! Specials vary from restaurant […]

Celebrating Your Child's First Birthday

[/caption] It may seem like yesterday you were waking up every few hours for feeding or soothing your new baby, but a year has gone by and it’s time to celebrate your child’s first birthday! There are all sorts of ways you can celebrate your child’s first birthday from themed parties to special traditions  including […]

Work/Life (Im)balance

Did you ever feel like you can never quite get it together when it comes to the “b” word? We know the feeling and know that as a mom you are juggling A LOT so we thought for today’s Tip Tuesday, we could take a “mommy time out” to just reflect on the whole work/life balance. We […]

A Mom Big on Giveaways

Toys, household items, mommy pamper items, gift cards – you name it and most likely Leslie will have had it as a giveaway on her blog. Live Love Laugh with Leslie is a treasure seeker’s heaven. We met Leslie through Blogmania and wanted to give you a snapshot of her blog. What inspired you to […]