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Lost Sock Activity for Kids

I truly believe there is a sock heaven, because every time I put in a load of laundry socks go missing. How is it that when you put 8 socks in the wash, only 7 come out? I neatly pile my unmatched socks in the back of the sock drawer hoping that one day the […]

Enjoy Your City's Museums and Arts...

Most of our cities have museums, theaters and cultural centers housing treasures of art, history, science, nature – you name it. It’s so important to instill in our children a sense of wonder, awe and appreciation for these treasures. It can get pricey though to bring your entire family to a museum, but from July […]

Safe Sleeping Spaces for Baby

You want the best for your baby including a night of peaceful and safe sleep. A few things to keep in mind when putting baby to sleep for the night or a nap. • Make sure baby’s sleeping space is free from clutter – blankets, toys, pillows, etc. • Place baby on his back when […]

A Mom Who Truly Believes It Takes A...

We recently met Valerie at The Village of Moms when we learned about Blogmania. We loved her enthusiasm, resourcefulness and creativity so we had to tell all our readers  about The Village of Moms! We are happy to feature Valerie on Mom Monday. You have as a motto that it takes a village to raise […]