Lost Sock Activity for Kids

I truly believe there is a sock heaven, because every time I put in a load of laundry socks go missing. How is it that when you put 8 socks in the wash, only 7 come out? I neatly pile my unmatched socks in the back of the sock drawer hoping that one day the […]

Enjoy Your City's Museums and Arts for Free!

Most of our cities have museums, theaters and cultural centers housing treasures of art, history, science, nature – you name it. It’s so important to instill in our children a sense of wonder, awe and appreciation for these treasures. It can get pricey though to bring your entire family to a museum, but from July […]

Safe Sleeping Spaces for Baby

You want the best for your baby including a night of peaceful and safe sleep. A few things to keep in mind when putting baby to sleep for the night or a nap. • Make sure baby’s sleeping space is free from clutter – blankets, toys, pillows, etc. • Place baby on his back when […]