Mom Monday Takes A Look At Autism

We are back from our BlogHer break and ready to start up our Mom Mondays again! Today we have a very special mom who Kolcraft met at BlogHer. Tammy is the mom and author behind Autism Learning Felt who I connected with one evening after a long day at BlogHer. Even though it was a […]

Create A Safari in Your Own Backyard!

As summer winds down you may be at the end of your budget, but still wanting to have some fun experiences for your children – especially so you don’t have to hear, “Mom I’m bored!” for the 100th time. Your child’s stuffed animals can be the key to a Safari Adventure in your own backyard! […]

Kolcraft Brownie Smackdown

We take a break from our regular baby gear news to give you an inside glance to the activities that keep Kolcraft creative. Yesterday Kolcraft engineers, industrial designers, Fashion designers, marketers, and the IT department participated in a brownie smackdown. There were brownies with frosting, s’more brownies, Twix brownies, traditional brownies, walnut brownies and brownie […]

Family Night Under the Stars

August 12th and 13th will give your family a star show that is better than any blockbuster summer movie.  The Perseids begin to rise in early August and meteor showers have their peak activity between August 12 and August 13, 2010. About 80 meteors per hour are expected! It’s best to go somewhere where there […]

Today is National S'mores Day

Today is national s’mores day and what better thing to do on a summer night than  make some s’mores? S’mores (meaning “some more”) have been synonymous with summer since their debut in the early 1900’s. Traditionally  s’mores are made by melting a marshmallow and chocolate between two graham crackers. There have been varying recipes for […]