Kolcraft – #1 Crib Mattress Manufacturer

I just returned from a trip to our plant in North Carolina where we make our crib mattresses. After being there, I have a deeper appreciation for the love and dedication that goes into making a crib mattresses and why Kolcraft is the #1 crib mattress manufacturer. I was fascinated by the precision of how […]

Are You Ready To Party & Win Baby Products?

You have heard how excited we are about Hike & Seek so we created an even bigger party on Twitter! Join us on Twitter for our Hike & Seek party this Thursday from 11-12 CST to hear about the importance of outdoor play for your child, get outdoor-fun-time tips and win Jeep Baby products, Jeep pet […]

Putting the Me Back Into Mommy

Being a mom (or a dad!) is demanding. By the end of the day you have nurtured, loved, taught and cared for your child 100 times over. With so many demands, it is hard to have “me” time, but without it it’s hard to keep perspective. This is where the power of “no” comes in. If […]

Meet Mother Nature

You may have noticed that Kolcraft is “a twitter” over the Hike & Seek event that is coming up in October. As we have partnered with the National Wildlife Federation, we have gotten to know Meri-Margaret Deoudes, Senior Director of Corporate Relations & Special Events. She is passionate about being a mom and raising her […]

Kolcraft Baby Products Catching Media's Eye

Kolcraft has been catching parent’s attention for years, but lately Kolcraft baby products have had some interesting media appearances. If you live in Chicago, you most likely are familiar with the popular radio station Q101. We had to snap a photo of their billboard which is a spin-off of a scene from The Hangover. The […]