Get Outdoors, Get Fit and Have Family Fun!

By now you know how much we at Kolcraft believe in protecting and enjoying nature. We were very excited when we saw that President Obama declared September to be National Wilderness Month.  When your child is outside playing it helps strengthen their mind, body and spirit. Studies have shown: Children who spend much of their […]

Making a Birth Plan

You are all excited for your new baby to arrive. Nursery ready? Check. Layette in place? Check. Baby’s name chosen? Check. Birth plan in place? Ummm not so much. There are so many things to think about when making a birth plan: environment, pain relief, monitoring, baby care… and the list goes on. Making a […]

Life After the Alter

Life after “the altar” is sometimes when things get very real. We met the author of a blog named After the Alter & not only do we love the blog, we love Jennifer as well. She is honest, down-to-earth and wise beyond her years. We were able to catch up with this new mommy to […]