Unlock Your Child's Imagination

Wally & I are really excited about today’s Fun Friday because we get to share with you our adventure to unlocking imagination. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the new Disney Imagination Center® in downtown Chicago. The Imagination Center is very different from the “regular” Disney stores you have been to. As a […]

New Events Happening At Kolcraft

Our blog post is a little late today because Kolcraft was out and about in Chicago with Wally. We know, we know, we keep talking about Wally Wonderbug. We just can’t help it because he is so cute! Our day started by meeting Meri-Margaret from the National Wildlife Federation. What an amazing woman! If you […]

Someone Is Buzzing Around Kolcraft

You may remember our post about the new exciting “someone” buzzing around Kolcraft.  You will notice that for the next few months, Wally Wonderbug will be trying out new outfits & will be changing scenery.  (Wally loves to dress up & have fun. Just wait until your kids meet him!) Because Wally is such a […]

Natural Remedy for Your Child's Sore Throat

It’s that time of year again when there are runny noses and scratchy throats as cold & flu season begins. A natural remedy for your child’s scratchy throat is as close as your cabinet! A study at Penn State College of Medicine found that honey was more effective than cough medicine for treating a child’s […]

Tell Us Who You Want Featured on Mom Monday

We have had fun getting to know some great moms, dads and grandparents during our Mom Monday interviews.  We have met moms who are: new moms seasoned moms single moms moms of children with special needs working moms stay at home moms adoptive moms We have some wonderful mom interviews for the next few weeks, […]