Trick or Treat for Baby Products!

Who says trick or treating is only for candy? At Kolcraft we are hosting a trick or treat for baby products on our website! By following the clues and “hunting” through our website for the Halloween icon embedded into a product image (be sure to look at all the images) you will find your way […]

6 Tips for A Safe & Fun Halloween

Princesses, ghosts and other creatures will soon be going house to house for trick or treating. Whether your child is dressing up as a cuddly or a creepy critter, a few Halloween tips can keep this holiday from being a scary one. Makeup vs Masks – Make sure your child’s costume is safe. Masks tend […]

Your Toddler's Favorite Word – "NO"

The toddler years are filled with growth and new discoveries. While your toddler discovers her voice and learns new vocabulary, her favorite word may fast become, “NO!” With every “no” your toddler is finding and asserting her independence. While this is a natural growth stage, it can try your patience on your more frazzled days. […]

Mom Monday with Mom Spotted

We are really excited about our Mom Monday because we just returned from our ABC show in Vegas and had the opportunity to meet this mom in person. Actually we met her for the first time at BlogHer conference in NYC and were counting down the days until we got to see her again! We […]