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Fun Fall Craft for Kids

Mother Nature provides some of the most incredible beauty, so why not decorate your home in Autumn fashion with a fun craft for your kids? This leaf stained glass window is fun, easy-to-do and a great Fall decoration! What you need: Leaves (you can go on a leaf hunt outside to find the prettiest leaves) […]

5 Tips to Reduce SIDS

October is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Awareness Month. There are a lot of great sites with info on SIDS, but we wanted to highlight a few here.  Five tips for lowering your child’s risk of SIDS: Always place baby on her back to sleep. Don’t put toys or loose bedding in baby’s sleep space. Give baby his own […]

Statement of Tom Koltun, President of...

Good Housekeeping and USA Today Report That Stroller Hinges Can Injure Little Fingers (Chicago, IL) October 11, 2010 – USA Today has published an article “Stroller hinges can injure little fingers” stating that the new issue of Good Housekeeping magazine contains a study that alleges 10 strollers have “danger spots.” Among the 10 strollers listed […]