Meal Makeover Moms Create Healthy Meals for Kids

“Mom what’s for dinner?” “Ick. I don’t like vegetables. I don’t want to eat that.” Sound familiar? Unfortunately most –if not all- parents have to deal with inevitable food fights. If we aren’t dealing with a picky eater, we just don’t have time to get a healthy meal on the table – take out anyone? […]

Easy Craft for Kids – Wilbur Wonderworm!

You may have heard Wally Wonderbug talk about his friend, Wilbur Wonderworm. We wanted to share our easy Wilbur Wonderworm craft with you. It’s a perfect time of year to do this as we await Spring and all the new life & crawling creatures it brings with it! What you will need: Egg carton Yellow […]

Why Are Bassinet Pads Thin?

Why are bassinet pads thin? Isn’t that uncomfortable for baby? We have often been asked this question by inquiring moms and dads. Some parents have been worried that the bassinet pad isn’t comfortable for baby so they improvise by doubling up on pads or by buying a pad that is thicker. This is not the […]

Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party On A Budget

It’s your child’s special day and you want to make this birthday a day to remember without breaking the bank. We gathered a few of our favorite websites to help you make  your child’s birthday truly memorable. The Digerati Life gives concrete ways to keep your expectations in check and plan a budget-friendly birthday party. […]

Mobile Apps for Moms

Moms today are on the move. We are juggling schedules, work & home life, school – you name it, we are juggling it. Thankfully technology can give us an extra hand every once in awhile. Recently Maternity & Style put together a list of mom-friendly apps that can help us with everything from sleep & […]