Wally Wonderbug Is A Rising Star

Many of you have met and love our Wally Wonderbug. We can’t blame you – he makes your children happy! Wally has become a bit of a star as he has traveled throughout the USA, has been on display at Target and Walmart and now has his own Wally Wonderbug Wednesdays on Twitter where he […]

Share Your Breakfast & Help A Child In Need

We truly believe in giving your child a healthy start to her day by having a nutritious breakfast. We know it’s not always easy when you have a busy morning routine so we have had several wonderful interviews with moms who have all sorts of tips for healthy eating. We also love it when companies […]

Preparing Your Child for A New Sibling

You are all excited about your new bundle of love, but you don’t want your other child(ren) to feel left behind when the new baby arrives. A few tips to helping your child(ren) feel included in the arrival of your new baby. Tell your child that the baby is a new person in your family […]

A Mom Who Had Hope in the Face of Darkness

While you are pregnant you dream about your baby’s birth. You wonder what it will be like to hold your baby for the first time–to look into his eyes or to hear her cry. It will be the perfect moment when mommy meets baby. But that picture-perfect birth was far from what Melissa experienced when […]

Pancake Party & Recipes for Your Kids

Did you know that back in 1882 on this day pancakes were first made in New York City? We think this is a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful world of pancakes with a little pancake party! What you need: Ingredients for pancakes (we like these yummy recipes) Various fruit toppings for pancakes A seal-able […]