Archive | March, 2011

5 Ways Dads Can Bond with Baby

Sometimes a dad can feel a bit on the outskirts of a pregnancy or baby bonding. They don’t do the actual birthing of baby, breastfeeding, etc., but there are still many ways that daddy can bond with baby. Here are 5 ways that dads can bond with baby. Feeding time – If you are formula […]

A Mom Blooming with Possibilities

We love to highlight moms who have the courage to pursue their dreams and show people that motherhood is their springboard to creativity and not a “cramp in their style”. One mom entrepreneur that we were excited to get to know is Patty Tapia who started her own business – K B Flowers. Patty, let’s […]

Celebrating Big Bird's Birthday...

This Sunday is Big Bird’s birthday! Here at Kolcraft we love Big Bird and how he teaches children valuable lessons. A few fun facts about Big Bird: Likes: Singing, finding solutions to problems, roller skating, making people feel better Dislikes: Making mistakes Favorite Food: Birdseed milkshakes Favorite Thing: His friends Favorite Toy: Radar, his teddy […]