Fun Spring Craft for Kids

Whether the weather is cooperating or not, Spring has sprung. We love this fun flower craft for you and your child to celebrate Spring. What you need: Scissors (adult use only) Crayons Construction paper (green and another color) Tissue paper squares (optional) Non-toxic glue Photo of your child What to do: Trace your child’s hands […]

5 Sites To Help You Save Money with Coupons

Extreme Couponing has debuted on TLC. You may have seen episodes where people bring coupons to a new level. Through very calculated clipping and strategy, they are able to bring a $400.00 grocery bill down to $60.00 or less and sometimes end up paying nothing. The way they coupon is obviously extreme and not for […]

6 Tips to Making Children's Chores Meaningful

The Journal Of Developmental Psychology published a study that showed that kids who spent more time doing household chores reported greater levels of happiness than kids who spent less time doing chores. They believe that kids who participate in family life through assigned tasks feel more valued and connected to other family members. Chores help […]