Archive | July, 2011

Free Activity for Kids To Beat the Heat

All across the country temperatures are soaring. It’s not the time to run around outside, but you can beat the heat without breaking your bank account! From now until Labor Day your kids can bowl free every day at over 850 bowling alleys nationwide (in Canada too!). It’s a perfect way to escape the heat! […]

All Your Crib Mattress Questions...

You bought the crib and now need a crib mattress or a new mattress for your toddler. There are so many crib mattresses, where do you start? Do you get foam or coil, vinyl or bamboo cover? Is your crib mattress waterproof? How do you know it will fit your crib securely? Today we have […]

Win A Baby Activity Center During our...

Many of you have met Wally WonderBug & have fallen in love with his little adventures with Wanda WonderBug & Wilbur WonderWorm. Well, they have a new friend to introduce to you – Toby Turtle! He is their newest friend and an activity center just like them!  To celebrate the arrival of their new friend, […]

5 Everyday Tips To Keep Romance Alive...

Remember those days when you were dating and you couldn’t wait to see your significant other? Those timeless dates where you just kept falling more in love? Keeping the spark alive may take a bit more effort now that baby(ies) have entered the picture, but it doesn’t have to end with baby nor does it […]

Mom Fitness

It’s week two of Mom Fitness with Cassandra from Active Moms Club. Her fitness tip this week is perfect for moms who are pregnant and for those who are not! The best part is, you can do Cassandra’s fitness tips anywhere. No fancy gym required! Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you learned […]