Go on A Bird Picnic with Your Kids

We love that summer is the perfect time for picnics, skipping stones, going on hikes and so many other opportunities to connect with your children through nature. Even if you can’t get out to a national park, you can have nature fun in your own backyard with a Bird Picnic! It’s easy to do! Our […]

The Perfect Summer Lightweight Stroller

During the summer there are festivals, fairs and farmer’s markets that are great to visit together as a family. Sometimes though  little legs just can’t keep up. Enter the perfect summer lightweight stroller – the umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers aren’t fancy strollers with tons of storage. Rather, they are very light strollers that are perfect […]

Unwanted Parenting Advice

We all have received unwanted parenting advice from parents, friends, co-workers, strangers – you name it. It can really get on your nerves not to mention have you questioning your parenting skills. A few simple tips to help with unwanted parenting advice: It’s about them not you – It’s hard, but try not to take […]

Fitness for Moms

There are many demands on moms from childcare to household upkeep and beyond so sometimes it’s hard for mom to find time for herself, let alone start a fitness routine. Taking time to stay fit has so many benefits for mom so Kolcraft has partnered with certified fitness trainer, Cassandra, from Active Moms Club to […]