6 Infant Sleep and Crying Tips

Fact or fiction? If you keep your baby up late at night, they will sleep longer in the morning. If you guessed fiction, you are right! We recently met up with the Fussy Baby Network during an NPN event. They helped to debunk common myths about infant sleep and crying and provided us with some […]

Mom Monday Inspiration

Kolcraft has had a busy weekend with kid’s parties, family dinners and our children’s sports teams. We met some inspiring fellow moms who sacrifice for their children and don’t think twice about it. We were talking around the coffee pot about the gift of motherhood and how it changes a person to see everything differently […]

5 Tips To Stop Your Child From Biting

It’s that phase of growth that every parent dreads along with your baby cutting teeth – biting. With these 5 helpful tips you can teach your child to stop biting and start hugging! Take the Attention Away from the Biter – Comfort the victim of the bite especially if it is another child. This will […]