Archive | January, 2012

Parenting Tips – Gratitude

In the day to day parenting tasks of changing diapers, school drop-offs, laundry, meal planning and answering “why” for the millionth time, we may forget to stop and embrace the miracle of our children. Our parenting tip of the day is simple – embrace the present moment with all its “messiness”  and be sure to […]

A Mom with Creative Mayhem

We first meet the mom behind Monkey Mayhem when her 3rd was a newborn. A couple of years and another sweet baby later, Jackie is channeling her mayhem into creativity! Jackie lives in a quiet town in Shenandoah Valley, VA, but her life is anything but quiet! How could it be with 4 kids under […]

Fun Indoor Train Activity for Your...

Sometimes it’s hard to entertain your children when they (& you!) have cabin fever. One very creative mom sent us the perfect activity for indoor fun with your kids – Hop Aboard Your Personalized Choo Choo Train! What you need: 2 Empty Boxes. One will have to be big enough to “fit” your toddler. Paper […]