Fun Finger Paint Craft for Kids

Finger painting can be fun for kids and babies. It allows babies to begin to create art – always a plus for imagination and creativity – and the symmetrical designs helps children learn about mirror images. What you need: Non-toxic finger paint Construction paper Newspaper or drop cloth to cover painting surface What you do: […]

7 Money Saving Tips When You Have Kids

Having a baby is expensive, but the cost doesn’t end when you pay your labor and delivery bill. Kids have a way of depleting your bank account very quickly, but these 7 money saving tips can help keep you in the black. Samples – Don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Your pediatrician often receives […]

5 Simple Ways To Have Fun with Your Kids

At times our lives seem so over scheduled – play dates, soccer practice, ballet, homework, jobs, errands and the list is never ending. We thought on this fun Friday we should stop the scheduling for one day and enjoy the simple ways we can have fun with our kids. Box Discovery – Look around your […]

Win $100 Gift Card

We love our Sealy Baby crib mattresses and are excited about all the savings on these crib mattresses during Baby Days at Walmart. To continue the celebration, we are giving you the opportunity to win a $100 gift card to Walmart. How to win: Create a 60 second or less video telling us why you […]