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Kolcraft Helping Kids In Distressed Situations

July 19, 2012

Kolcraft and our Kolcraft Mom ambassadors have been able to donate funds and products to K.I.D.S throughout the years, but we don’t always know who receives the products. We were thrilled to hear that the 1,658 Jeep strollers we donated valued at over $43,000 were delivered to kids in Sri Lanka

3 Tips to Gentle Parenting – An Alternative to Spanking

July 17, 2012

Sometimes as parents we can get to the end of our rope and be tempted to follow “might is right” parenting which ends in spanking and yelling at our children. Studies have shown that spanking, even “mild” spanking, can cause long-term mental health issues for children.

Some advocate time outs to set boundaries, but there is another school of parenting called gentle parenting. Gentle parenting takes time, patience, communication, self-knowledge, a willingness to go on the parenting journey, did we mention patience? :) The result is a loving, respectful relationship where even your discipline teaches your child about love, respect, trust and understanding.

Bronze Medal Winner of Kolcraft’s Olympic Craft Event

July 13, 2012

We were impressed by Donna Partain’s Olympic Torch craft because it looked so “real” and it was easy to make. Thank you Donna for clear pictures so we could recreate this craft with our kids! This is a fun craft to make and you can use it when you put on your own backyard Olympics.

Congrats to Donna who will be receiving an Olympic themed package of shirts, mugs and more!

Summer Reading Activity for Kids

July 11, 2012

Reading to children has so many benefits and you can extend those benefits by reinforcing the story that you have read

3 Parenting Tips To Keep Summer Fun

July 10, 2012

Summertime is a fun time for new adventures and bonding more with your children, but the heat and “I’m bored” can cause any parents nerves to be a bit on edge. We have 3 easy parenting tips to help keep your summer fun and not frustrating.