3 Easy Tips for Making the Most of the End of the School Year

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School days are winding down, but education does not stop over the summer. These 3 tips can help you get the most out of the end of the current school year and prepare for the next.

  1. Get Ready for Next Year Now – Do you feel your child is becoming too dependent on a friend? Would your child benefit from a certain teacher’s style? Request in writing (including your reasons why) you are making these requests. Submit them to the principal and ask for follow up to your request before the last day of school.
  2. Read Between the Lines – Read your child’s final report card carefully, including the teacher notes. If your child did well, be sure to praise her. If your child slipped down a few grades from last report card, talk to him about it and find help for those subjects over the summer. Many libraries have summer “catch up” and tutoring programs. If your child is overly upset over a bad grade, be sure to point out the progress he did make throughout the year.
  3. Stay in Touch – Help your children stay in touch throughout the summer by getting contact information for their friends. Have a few suggested play date ideas/adventures lined up so you can solidify plans before the last day of school.

What end of year tips do you have to share?

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