3 Tips To Help Children Suffering from Springtime Allergies

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The sun is out, the trees are in bloom and your child is sneezing up a storm. While it’s great to finally have some nice weather, with it comes pollen and other allergens. These 3 tips can help your little allergy sufferer to cut down on the sniffles and enjoy playing outside.

  1. Fresh Air – When pollen counts are high (early morning for spring tree pollens) keep windows closed in the car and home. This will help limit exposure to pollen. You can google to check when pollen counts are high in your area.
  2. Laundry – We all love the smell of fresh clothes that has dried outside, but with that fresh smell comes pollen that attaches to clothes and sheets. Use the dryer or hang clothes inside to dry.
  3. Bath Time – Make bath time a daily ritual for your little ones so they can wash off allergens and prevent nighttime allergy suffering.

These 3 easy tips can help your child get through allergy season with a few less sniffles. Don’t forget that a clean sleep surface also cuts down on allergens. Be sure that your child’s crib or toddler mattress is clean and allergy free!