3 Ways to Say Thank You to Dad

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This Sunday is Father’s Day, and whether they are the father of your children, your own father, grandfather, or someone who has always been there for you, we wanted to share a few ways to really say I LOVE YOU!

  1. Have the kids make Dad a card instead of buying one! The personal notes and drawings that they come up with can be so much more meaningful than the pre-written ones you buy. Making something for Dad can also be special. For ideas check out our Father’s Day mug craft, a hand painted picture frame, or find something easy and fun that your kids want to make on here.
  2. Rally the kids to get him breakfast in bed, make one of his favorite treats, and have the whole family partake in one of his favorite outdoor activities; from hiking, biking, golf, football or whatever he enjoys most.
  3. Make this weekend all about him! Just because Father’s Day is only on Sunday doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil him all weekend long. Have the kids do the yard work for the weekend or help Dad mow the lawn. Do little things throughout the weekend to show that you truly appreciate everything Dad does.

Whether you make, buy or do, Dad is sure to have a great Father’s Day as long as he is with his family and loved ones. From everyone at Kolcraft, we want to say thank you to all of the dads out there!

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