4th of July Activites for Kids

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4th of July holiday means picnics, fireworks and time with family. We thought today’s fun Friday should focus on some easy and fun red, white and blue activities and crafts for little and big kids.

Glitter Fireworks

What you will need:
• Black or very dark construction paper
• Glitter
• White glue
• Old tablecloth or covering for work station surface
• Straw (optional)
• Spread glue on the paper in different shapes. If the glue is soft enough, you can put a small blob of glue on the paper, and then blow some air through a straw to spread it into interesting shapes.
• Sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Slide the excess glitter off your picture and back into the glitter container.
• Let dry
• Hang up your child’s decoration near your 4th of July celebration spot!

4th of July Star Centerpieces

What you will need:
• Thick paper (construction paper or paper plates)
• Markers
• Scissors (used with adult supervision)
• Draw 2 stars and cut them out
• Decorate stars
• Cut a slit through point of star to the start of that “arm” of the star
• Cut a slit in base of other star
• Connect the two stars at the slit so star stands on its own.
• Put down center of table for decoration

4th of July Relay Race

What you will need:
• 6 Red, white and blue balloons
• 2 teams of people
How to play:
• Divide into two teams
• Give each team 3 balloons
• Let teams know that the object is to pass the balloons player by player to the end of the line by using only their heads and legs.
• First team to complete this without the balloon touching the ground wins!

Guess the Candy

What you will need:
• Clear jar
• Red & white peppermint candies or red, white & blue M&M’s or any 4th of July colored candy
• Piece of paper and pen
• Blue and red ribbon
• Fill jar with candy and decorate it with blue and red ribbon.
• Have people guess how many candies are in the jar (which of course means you count as you place the candies in the jar).
• The person who comes closest to the number without going over, gets the jar of candy.

My mother-in-law does this at our family picnic. Everyone from age 2 to 92 loves this game. Our tradition is that whomever wins the jar has a “celebratory lap” by sharing the contents with everyone at the picnic.

What 4th of July activities do you have to share with us?