4th of July Safety Tips for Kids

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Parades, picnics and pool time are hallmarks of the 4th of July. You can enjoy your holiday and keep it safe with these few parenting tips.

  1. Keep firecrackers away from children. Be sure firecracker remnants like sparkler sticks, etc. are not in left on the ground where toddlers and babies can pick them up.
  2. Have a bucket with water and a hose handy if you are using firecrackers.
  3. Keep children away from grills. If the grill is cooling off, take turns watching so children do not play near the grill.
  4. Appoint a lifeguard when around water. When we gather with family & friends it is easy to start talking and not realize nobody is watching the kids in the pool or at the beach. Appoint someone to watch in 30 minute intervals. have a whistle that you pass to the designated lifeguard.
  5. Remember sun safety and wear sunscreen, hats and keep hydrated.

What 4th of July tips do you have?