4th Trimester Bodies Project, Part II

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beth official-1
(Beth, her Mother, and daughter posing for 4th Trimester Bodies Project)

Kolcraft: How did your significant other & other family react when you said you wanted to be part of it?
Beth: My husband was very supportive of my decision to be a part of this amazing project. When I got the call from Ashlee for my shoot date, I immediately called my mom and asked her to be a part of the project as well. My mom did not even hesitate to say yes. My photoshoot included myself, my mom and my daughter.

Kolcraft: What surprised you about the shoot?
Beth: My mom and I have always been close, but doing something like this with her was empowering. I still saw her as my mom, but even after being a mom for 10 years, I saw myself equal with my mom. We were both mothers, we both went through childbirth and breastfed our babies and we came out on the other side of this as amazing warriors together.

Kolcraft: What was your biggest take away?
Beth: My biggest take away was how empowering this project is. Stripping down to your underwear and bra sounds absolutely terrifying. But once we were there and talked about what this project signified, I a was proud of myself, my mom and my daughter for being a part of it.

Kolcraft: How do you plan on sharing this with your kids?
Beth: I shared the pictures with my family after the photo shoot. My boys (ages 10 and 7) were shocked (“mom! You and grandma are in your UNDERWEAR!”). I don’t think they get it yet. My daughter (age 3) is way too young to understand.
I want to be able to be honest with her about our bodies and what they can do and that it doesn’t matter about what size or shape we are, but that we take care of ourselves and are happy with our bodies.

Kolcraft: Any life lessons you learned from it that you would want to share with other moms, esp first time moms?
Beth: I guess what I learned is how empowering this whole process was for me. As I have spoken with other women who have participated, we all have a similar feeling. We were terrified and then it was invigorating. I would love to say to my pre-mom self (or other first time moms), Yes, your body will be different. Whether you have a baby that you grow biologically or have a baby who you grow in your heart (adoption), your body changes. It may never, ever be the same. It will be different. If you focus on the negative changes, you will be so unhappy. If you can see the positive things and really SEE the positive things, then you will be amazed at how strong and what a warrior you are!

Beth’s story is an inspiring one. We are so thankful that she was able to share her very personal story with us! 4th Trimester Bodies Project’s Facebook page and Instagram account have been shut down a number of times due to violations of the community guidelines for each network. In response to this, Jackson has started the #StopCensoringMotherhood movement.

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