5 Easy Tips for Summer Fun & Safety At the Fair

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Summertime is the perfect time to get outside with your kids and go to the fair! Just google county fairs in your area and plan for a day of fun. A few tips for making your time at the fair safe and fun!

  1. Plan ahead – You will be outside so dress comfortably & sensibly! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat.
  2. Be smart – Be sure your child has your phone number, understands stranger danger and knows a designated spot to meet you in case you get separated.
  3. Riding rides – Respect height & weight requirements for rides. If a ride looks unstable or unsafe, skip it.
  4. Keep clean – There are lots of cute animals at state fairs. Be sure your child is gentle with the animals and if the animals lick your child wash their hands or apply hand sanitizer.
  5. Limit Candy – Cotton candy, rock candy and limitless candy choices can be a child’s delight, but be sure to limit candy intake so your time at the fair isn’t cut short by a tummy ache!