5 Homemade Holiday Craft Gift Ideas for Kids

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Homemade gifts during the holiday season are the perfect way for a child to show parents, grandparents, and even siblings, how important they are!  These fun holiday crafts are kid-friendly and super easy!

  1. Photo Frame Ornament: Glue 8 Popsicle sticks together (2 per side) to make a photo frame.  Adhere a yarn loop to the top of the frame and decorate as desired (we used macaroni noodles and glitter)!  Once the frame is fully decorated, glue down the photo
  2. Calendars: Many craft stores sell blank calendars that can be filled with fun family photos and memories.  For a more personalized touch, write in birthdays and anniversaries!
  3. Coupon Books: Creating a coupon book is a fun gift for both the child and recipient!
  4. Decorate a Mug: Most craft stores also sell mug decorating kits for kids.  Now grandma will think of her grandson or granddaughter every morning when she drinks her coffee!
  5. Butterfly Magnet: Glue a small sized photo of the child’s face onto a clothespin.  Using leftover paper (or even wallpaper), cut out wings and glue onto the clothespin.  Finally, adhere a magnet to the back of the clothespin to finish this cute butterfly!

Once your child has made their gifts for the whole family, they can even wrap them in handmade wrapping paper.  Simply take a roll of plan white or brown paper and have them finger paint, or stamp a fun holiday pattern.


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