5 Simple Ways To Have Fun with Your Kids

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At times our lives seem so over scheduled – play dates, soccer practice, ballet, homework, jobs, errands and the list is never ending. We thought on this fun Friday we should stop the scheduling for one day and enjoy the simple ways we can have fun with our kids.

  1. Box Discovery – Look around your house for large box. Have fun imagining what it could be. Can you cut holes in it and make your little one a race car? Can you turn it into a house complete with drawn-on curtains? Can you cut a hole in the side, put objects in it, then have your child put her hand through the hole and guess what objects are in the box?
  2. Drawing Time – Get paper and some crayons. Draw a line – curvy, squiggly, straight – and have your child draw a picture using that line in the picture. Have your child draw a line for you and enjoy becoming a Picasso with your child!
  3. Tissue Fun – Pull out a lot of tissue paper from your wrapping paper supply. Sit on the floor with your baby and let him pull and rip the paper. You both will giggle in delight as he discovers and laughs at the sound. We recommend using white tissue paper so when he puts it in his mouth, he isn’t sucking on dye. Make sure baby doesn’t choke since he will try to eat it as he explores with his mouth.
  4. Bean Drums – Put some beans into different size containers with lids. Use lentil beans, black beans, peas, etc. Start your own band with your kids using the filled containers as shakers, drums and more!
  5. Laugh Machine – Lay on the floor with your kids. Everyone puts their head on someone’s tummy so you are all connected via tummy. If you have a baby, place your baby on your tummy so she can join in the fun too. Go around the “circle” saying “ha”. Everyone says it one time, than twice, than three times until the room is filled with giggles. We guarantee even your baby will be giggling by the end.

What simple ways do you have fun with your kids?