5 Tips for Keeping Your Family Warm in the Winter

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Bundle up!

The winter freeze is not letting up in many areas of the country, and especially here at Kolcraft HQ! With all of the snow days and winter activities every kid is anxious to get out and play, but parents need to take the right precautions before letting them out the door. Here are five tips for keeping your kids warm this winter.

One: Dress your children in layers! Have them wear fleece, wool or other fabrics that will help keep your kids dry. Avoid cotton clothes, since they are not good insulators. If clothing does happen to get wet, have your kids remove it before returning outside.
Two: Wear a hat! Hats help retain 60% of our body heat, so you don’t want to let your kids outside without one.
Three: Keep ears, nose, hands and feet covered at all times! They are the most vulnerable parts of our body for frostbite.
Four: Have hot chocolate breaks, a warm snack, or something to get them inside for a quick defrost.
Five: Once your kids are tired and come back inside, have them take off all yet clothing and warm up.

What are your kids’ favorite winter day activity or snack? Share it with us on here, Facebook or Twitter and we would love to feature it on our blog. Stay warm!

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One Response to “5 Tips for Keeping Your Family Warm in the Winter”

  1. Allison January 30, 2014 at 8:48 pm #

    Good info. Too bad in South Florida it’s way too hot in winter! But because of this I forget what to do when traveling north.