5 Tips for Kids To Avoid the Flu

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Flu season has hit with a vengeance this year. Children are particularly susceptible to the flu, but outside of keeping your child away from everyone on the planet what else can you do to prevent the flu or at least lessen the impact? These 5 tips can help keep you and your kids healthier and happier.

  1. Re-evaluate – Did you plan a lot of play-dates or classes for your child? Re-evaluate the risk versus benefit while it’s “high flu season”. If you have already paid for classes, ask what their sick policy is and if they enforce it. You don’t want to get to class to have someone’s child sneezing all over yours. Set up rules for play-dates and don’t be afraid to enforce them. If a child has a fever, is constantly coughing or a has runny nose, they should be asked to stay home.
  2. Wash – It’s simple, but effective-be sure to continuously watch your children’s hands. Wash your hands and wash toys that end up in their mouths too.
  3. Sleep – Make sure your children are getting enough sleep. This may mean you have to reschedule some plans so you are home to give them a quality nap or get them to bed on time.
  4. Let Food Be Your Medicine – Give your child lots of fruit, vegetables and healthy grains. Stay away from sugary foods and processed foods (like white bread). Vitamins in healthy foods build up your child’s immune system. Also have them drink lots of fluids. And don’t forget all the benefits of homemade chicken soup. This is our favorite crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe from Crockin’ Girls if you don’t have time to make your own chicken soup.
  5. Take Care of Yourself – Try to prevent yourself from becoming a flu carrier. What applies to kids, applies to parents as well! Be sure to pack in vitamins. If you are constantly on the go, try Emergen-C or Zicam to give your immune system an extra boost.

What tips do you have for warding off the flu?

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