5 Tips For Preventing Mold From Growing In Your House

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We have blogged about the importance of indoor air quality and our crib mattresses being GREENGUARD certified. Springtime rains can bring a problem inside your home of moisture which can  bring mold and reduce your indoor air quality. A few tips to prevent mold from invading your indoor air quality.

  1. Mold loves wet, moist places. If you have humidity levels of 70% and above, you should invest in a good dehumidifier to help prevent mold growth.
  2. Keep your home at around 69-73 degrees and the humidity level at about 54%.
  3. Replace porous surfaces if mold is present.  Porous surfaces include wall paper, carpeting or dry wall. These must be replaced immediately. They cannot be cleaned of mold.
  4. Use organic soap or bleach to clean surface mold. Be sure to wear protective gloves.
  5. Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter which can reduce allergens like mold that can be tracked in the house on your shoes.

What tips do you have for getting rid of mold?