5 Tips To Avoid Hidden Summer Dangers for Kids

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Summer means more time outside with your kids. Being outdoors has many benefits, but a few hidden summer dangers to be aware of while enjoying the nice weather.

  1. Sunburn can make a child severely ill. See our safe sun tips here.
  2. Heat stroke is a reality for babies and children on a hot day. Keep them hydrated and take breaks when they are playing outside.
  3. Hot cars cause many deaths during the summer. Be sure your children know cars are not toys and they should not play in them. Keep your car locked when it is in your driveway so that your children cannot crawl in and get locked inside. Never leave your child in a hot car even if you are running a quick errand.
  4. Metal playground equipment can burn children. On hot days, stay away from metal playground equipment.
  5. Open windows present fall risks. Be sure to have window guards on any windows accessible to children.

These 5 easy, safety tips can help you have a worry-free summer you and your kids will enjoy.