5 Tips To Coping With Children's Allergies

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Trees are in bloom, flowers are bursting forth from the ground and your poor child is blurry eyed and stuffed up. Welcome to allergy season. Allergies can severely limit activities for children and cause parents much grief as they try to deal with a constantly sick child. These 5 tips can help your child get back on the mend!*

  1. Sports – If baseball or any outdoor sport is making your child’s allergies strike out, check into some alternative sports with less outdoor field  time such as martial arts, swimming, dance, etc.
  2. Pets – Fido may be your lifelong mate, but can be contributing to your child’s allergies. No pet is truly hypoallergenic. Some may contribute less to allergies, but none is truly “allergy-free”. If giving up a pet would cause more stress on your family, check into shampoos for your pet that can help control allergy causing agents. You may also want to look into allergy shots to help give your child some relief.
  3. Play Dates – You may keep your house as allergy free as possible, but your relatives and friends may not. If a child’s friend has a pet or other thing that causes allergies to flare up, see if you can host play dates to limit exposure to the allergy causing agent. You can also arrange to meet somewhere kid-friendly where your child will have less exposure to elements that will cause an allergy flare up.
  4. Alternative Summer Camps – Playing outside 8 hours a day may be fun, but it may cause your child a summer of allergy misery. Check into alternative summer camps like swim camp, space camp, tech camp, etc.
  5. Clean Up – Keep your house as allergy free as possible. If you can go carpet and drape free, this helps eliminate dust & pollen traps. Have people leave their shoes at the door so they aren’t tracking in all the allergy elements from outside. Make sure your child takes daily baths including washing hair to help keep them free from pollen, etc. that has hitchhiked onto your child’s body.

What allergy tips do you have for allowing your child to have a sniffle-free Spring and Summer?

*This is not medical advice nor should it replace advice from a doctor.

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2 Responses to “5 Tips To Coping With Children's Allergies”

  1. marissa lee May 17, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    thank you for these tips as for me and my sister and brother suffers from allergies…thank you for sharing.


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