5 Tips To Help Your Child with Homework

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The holidays are over and it’s back to the regular schedule at school. Getting back into the swing of homework may be a bit of challenge after the long break. Here are a few tips from some of our moms here at Kolcraft.

  1. Do the hardest assignment first. Kind of like eating foods they don’t like, get the toughest assignment done first before they run out of steam.
  2. Create a conducive homework environment. Set up a special homework station away from media distractions. Make sure they have all the needed supplies (i.e. pens, sharpened pencils, calculator, etc.).
  3. Get organized. Organizational skills are learned. Help your child stay organized and on top of assignments with a calendar or planner so assignments are not left until the last minute.
  4. Be encouraging. Encourage your child during their homework session, especially if you see them getting frustrated. If they see small victories in their homework, they will be more willing to continue with the task.
  5. Be active. Be active in your child’s homework. If you see he is struggling, set up an appointment to talk with the teacher. If your child isn’t understanding the homework, chances are he is confused in the classroom.

What tips do you have to help your child with homework?