5 Ways to Unlock Your Child's Imagination Through Art

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Last Friday we blogged about unlocking your child’s imagination at the Disney Imagination Center. (Wally is already asking when he can return to the Disney Imagination Center for a play date with Jiminy Cricket. 🙂 ) Today we are exploring opening your child’s imagination through art.

There are many ways you can help your child get in touch with her inner artist.

  1. Coloring Books – While coloring books have been a go-to staple for years, they allow your child to “put color on paper” and explore the possibilities of making drawings come alive.
  2. Blank Paper with a Squiggly Line – Draw a squiggly line on a piece of paper and give it to your little one. Ask them if they can make that squiggly line into something. It’s fun to watch their drawing come together as that line becomes part of a tree, animal, etc. (Let them draw a squiggly line on paper for you to create art too!)
  3. Test Different Mediums – Give your child non-toxic finger paint, markers, crayons, etc. and let them use all these different art mediums to create a masterpiece. You can even use different fabrics, paper sources, etc. to use in their art exploration.
  4. Introduce Your Child to Different Artists – There is a wonderful series of books that help your child get to know famous artists in a fun way. Making these artists “familiar” helps your child realize that he too can be an artists in his own way!
  5. Take Your Child to an Art Museum – Many cities have special art museums just for kids! Your city doesn’t have one? No problem! Your child will love the online art museums that not only introduce them to famous artists, but let them create some masterpieces of their own!

What ways do you help unlock your child’s imagination through art?