7 Activities to Get You and Your Family Outside This Weekend

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Whether the forecast in your home town calls for rain or shine, there are always plenty of activities to get you and your family outside and active. And using a little bit of creativity, your rainy Saturday afternoon can be turned into a memory that your children will always remember.

Here are a few suggestions from the National Wildlife Federation to get your started:

  1. The first thing all parents want to teach their family before venturing outdoors is how to stay away from dangerous plants like Poison Ivy. Use these 5 steps to avoid and manage any run-ins.
  2. Exploration can take place just steps from your front door! Take the kids outside on a scavenger hunt to see what creatures they can find living in your backyard.
  3. After finding all of the bugs that call your backyard home, create this Bug Jug to get a closer look!
  4. If the bug jug is a little too close for comfort, try making a soda bottle terrarium instead. Plant a seed, dried bean, or replant something that you found on your scavenger hunt.
  5. Get a little crafty and dress up in the outdoors with this nature bracelet.
  6. If it starts to rain, try making art with it.
  7. To really become one with nature, try camping out in an outdoor fort for a day or night.

For other outdoor activities check out the National Wildlife Federation’s activity finder and see what’s going on in your area.

We’d love to see what your family did over the weekend! Post any photos to our Facebook or Twitter page.

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