Easy Halloween Crafts

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With Trick-or-Treating just hours away, we’ve compiled our favorite crafts and ideas to get you and the whole family ready for Halloween, whether you need a last minute costume for your little one or a kid-friendly craft for your Halloween party.

  1. Michael’s Arts and Crafts has fun spider and pumpkin stickers for a mess-free and kid-friendly way to decorate your pumpkin!
  2. Need a last minute Halloween costume for you little one? Check out our easy to make Halloween masks.
  3. Use construction paper, glue and markers to turn an old paper bag into a trick-or-treat bag. This is a fun project to do with your child that can spruce up their costume. Are they going as a bumble bee? Turn your paper bag into a beautiful flower!
  4. We love Martha Stewart’s spooky Glowing Ghost . Simply snap a glow stick and place into a balloon. Let your kids draw fun faces on the balloons for an easy decoration.
  5. Do you have any last minute Halloween ideas? We’d love to hear them. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Elizabeth P. October 31, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    Last minute halloween ideas are rushing to a store and picking up something on sale yay!! :)

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