A Dynamite Valentine's Day Craft!

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and while we’re searching the store shelves for the perfect card set for our kids, why not take the time to make something a little extra special for the ones in your life that make your heart go BOOM! Have you caught a theme?! That’s because we’re making Rolo dynamite, the perfect gift for a teacher, child or hubby.

We found the original idea for this craft on laurenconrad.com!

photo 1

What you’ll need is:
– One sheet of red construction paper
– Three rolls of Rolos (or you can use Mentos, or any other candy that comes in a roll)
– Pipe cleaner
– Scissors
– Tape

First, cut the construction paper to size so that it is as long as the package of Rolos.

photo 2

Next, cut it into three pieces, enough to wrap around each pack. Use tape to secure the paper.

photo 3

Gather all three rolls together and use the pipe cleaner to keep them all in place. Use the leftover construction paper to make a cute note for your special Valentine.

photo 4

Using leftover pipe cleaner, give your Rolo dynamite a fuse at the top!


Some other cute messages we came up with her “You’re the bomb!”, and “You make my heart go BOOM!” What other “dynamite” Valentine’s messages could you write? Let us know on here, Facebook or Twitter!

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