A Mom Who Had the Courage To Continue On Her Motherhood Journey

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Megan all smiles with her baby bump

As a parent you are the one who is supposed to watch your kids grow and start families of their own. But what happens when you only have your child for a little bit of time? What then? Megan from In This Wonderful Life takes all of us by the hand and shows us that motherhood with all its twists and turns is indeed wonderful.

Megan, you are pregnant again – CONGRATS! Before we jump into your current pregnancy we wanted to talk about your first pregnancy with little Cohen. That was quite a journey from the excitement of your fist pregnancy to finding out that Baby Cohen was only going to live a short while. How would you describe your short time with Cohen?

Thank you! Our time with Cohen was very emotional. It was amazing to be pregnant with him and even more amazing to spend the time with him that we did. Of course, that time could never be put into any amount of words. It was one of the happiest, but hardest times in our lives. We were so blessed to have had him, but it was so hard to say goodbye. It is unforgettable, thankfully. He will always be apart of our lives.

What has little Cohen taught you about motherhood?

He definitely taught me the bond between a mother and child. From pregnancy up until we had to say goodbye, it was just something that seemed so unreal. It taught me no matter what, you never give up hope….especially on your child. You can never be prepared to have your child and you can never be prepared to lose your child. You realize nothing around you but your prayers and your child/family really matter. Brent and I were willing to (and did) sacrifice every worldly possession for Cohen. As a mother, you have to be willing to provide every inch of support and strength you can for your child.

You are pregnant with twins! How exciting – you will have 2x time the love & excitement. What are you looking forward to the most post-delivery?

Many things! Bringing them home is probably the biggest! I can’t wait to hold them all the time…at the same time. 🙂 I can’t wait to see their daddy with them.

Have you received any practical tips on how to keep up with twins? I have received a few! So far, it seems the most stressed advice I have received is regarding schedules. It seems crazy that if one wakes up, you should wake the other, but it definitely makes sense.

If you could receive “expert advice” on one aspect of parenting, what would it be? Oh goodness, I would probably just want advice on how to guarantee my kids would be honest, kind, sweet & polite. I know, there are no guarantees. Realistically-probably advice on behavior skills and structure. I think these two things can be essential.

We have to ask – how do you manage to look so beautiful & model-like even while pregnant? What’s your secret?

HAHA! This definitely makes me laugh. If you are referring to my ‘prego mego’ pics, I will tell you, I prepare for most of those. I usually take them in the morning after I have just gotten dressed. It so happens that Thursday nights are one of the two nights I wash my very thick hair! I think it tends to look best the morning after a wash. So, I’m guessing that’s part of it! I have TONS of freckles (that I got tired of very early in life) so I definitely don’t go far without some powder.

Megan, hubby & baby Cohen

Now for a quick glance into Megan’s life. 🙂

What is one thing always in your fridge? Right now, fruit! I’ve been on a berry kick since I got pregnant and there really isn’t one I don’t like.

What is your one guilty pregnancy pleasure? I think strawberry milkshakes! I love them. Sometimes I can go weeks without thinking about them, but when it crosses my mind, I must have one! I’ve had several since I’ve been pregnant, and though they might not be the healthiest thing, they help me get the calories I need right now.

One thing that helped you through morning sickness? Luckily, I never had much during the morning. It was actually more so at night. However, if I started to feel sick, as long as I would eat some crackers or something right away, it would usually help!

If you had a free day to yourself, how would you spend it? I would probably get as comfortable as possible and cuddle with Brent and our pup, Elton. There really isn’t much I’d rather do right now than be with them and be comfy.

If someone were going to write a book on your life, what would they title it? In This Wonderful Life 🙂

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  1. Tracy W. April 19, 2011 at 6:06 am #

    What a special story. One that is hard to share, I am sure. Thank you.