A Mom Who Helps Moms Keep Their Sanity

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Everyone wants to have a healthy and stress-free pregnancy so baby can have the best start to life. Easier said than done right? Enter Mary Oscategui, international baby planner, greenproofer and fitness expert. To say we are impressed with Mary is an understatement. We are so happy that we could have a few minutes of her busy schedule to interview her for Mom Monday.

When we read all that you do Mary, we are amazed! What inspired you to jump into the line of work that you do as baby planner, greenproofer and fitness expert?

Thank you, Michelle. Health, Fitness, and Green Living has been both a personal and ongoing career for the last 15 years which naturally influenced my pregnancy. When I became pregnant, I was in a situation where I lived far away from family. Besides my partner at the time, my midwife and doula were the only support I had throughout my pregnancy and after my daughter, Bella Luna was born. This experience impacted me in a very deep way and inspired me to start a business that would provide support and resources to expecting and new parents.

Baby planning – if you could pick the most important benefit of a baby planner, what would it be?

The most important benefit a baby planner can offer is a stress free pregnancy that will support a healthy lifestyle for mom and baby with an improved quality of living. Stress has increased dramatically in our culture and has been affecting pregnancy in a very negative way. Stress can affect the development of a fetus. Studies have shown that pregnant women under stress tend to have babies with lower iq’s, weight issues, nutritional and mental deficiencies.

You also greenproof for baby. Often parents are overwhelmed by going green. Any advice?

Yes, many parents I have worked with have been overwhelmed by going green mainly because they feel they need to make extreme changes in order to live a green life style. The best advice I can give is to start with baby steps. Baby steps add up. One small change can make a world of a difference.

We all know that we need to stay fit whether we are pregnant or not. Sometimes it gets pushed so far down the list when family clamors for our immediate attention. How do you stay motive to make fitness a priority?

The way I stay motivated is by understanding and feeling how keeping fit gives me more energy to give my family attention, stay focused on work, sleep better, and eat better. Once you establish a fitness routine that works into your lifestyle, you will be able to experience many benefits immediately.

With all that you are juggling – mom, wife, writer, speaker, pregnancy & parenting guru.- how do you keep your sanity?

Great question! Staying fit and organized are the two major components in keeping my sanity. Keeping fit gives me the energy to perform well and stay focused in all the areas of my life throughout each day. Keeping an organized agenda and daily schedule with a prioritized list of what need needs to get done is a life saver.

Finally what is your advice to parents who are overwhelmed with their pregnancy journey?

My best advice is to reach out for help. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A baby planner will not only improve the quality of your living by creating a stress free environment, but will also save you money by helping you determine what you really need and do not need throughout and after your pregnancy.

Now for a quick glance into Mary’s life. 🙂

What is the one thing you look forward to everyday? Waking up to my daughter. It’s the best gift in the whole world. I am still in awe that I created and gave birth to her life. Observing her development and growth each day is pretty amazing. She is one of my greatest teachers.

If you had a “free day” with no commitments or obligations, what would you do with it? Meditate, dance, play, enjoy a great meal, soak up some sun, with my daughter and close friends and family.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Marin, CA. I absolutely love it here. The people and environment are so diverse. You can go hiking, sailing, mountain biking, hang out at the beach, go wine tasting, and enjoy the nightlife in San Francisco all in one day. The community of people here are just great.

What is your favorite activity with kids? Dancing. Bella and I have so much fun together. It’s a great way to exercise and express oneself.

If you were going to write a book of your life, what would you title it? Wow. Let’s see… Mary Oscategui: The journey of a girl, woman, and mother

6 Responses to “A Mom Who Helps Moms Keep Their Sanity”

  1. Crystal A. December 15, 2010 at 3:12 am #

    Bella Luna is such a beautiful name! I love going green little by little. I would absolutely love to learn steps to greenproof for my baby and home. Mary sounds like my kind of person 🙂

  2. MichelleH December 15, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    Check out her website Crystal. She is truly amazing! Thanks for being a fan.

  3. Katie December 15, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    I honestly had no idea that pregnancy planners existed, and now I do! That is a wonderful resource available to expectant parents! Pregnancy and parenthood are overwhelming experiences and there is just so much to know and to learn that having someone to help you through is a great idea! When I was pregnant the first time I spent hours online trying to read reviews of baby products, birthing styles, suggestions of what not to eat, etc., that it was really tiring!

  4. Katie December 15, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    I really enjoyed “meeting” Mary. I had no idea pregnancy planners existed. As a newly pregnant mother for the second time around it was interesting to read how a stressed out mother can lead to issues with the baby. I am going to remind myself of that when I say no, hopefully without guilt, and take more “me” time. Good also to see once again, how important staying healthy is. I try tell myself that every day as I climb onto the elliptical even though I really don’t want to!

  5. MichelleH December 16, 2010 at 11:37 am #

    Glad you enjoyed the article Katie! And good for you for trying to overcome Mommy guilt. We applaud you!

  6. MichelleH December 16, 2010 at 11:40 am #

    Amazing isn’t she Katie? baby planners certainly help take away some of the stress when you have so much to do in so little time!