About Baby Matters Blog

Here at Kolcraft we care about engaging with our consumers and taking an active role in the parenting community. For this reason we have created our Parent Resource Center, Baby Matters Blog, and have become active on several social media sites. Through these online avenues, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. We hope to help you along your parenting journey and we know we will be learning from each of you!

We want this blog and our other social media sites to become your “home” where you feel free to talk about your amazing parenting journey. By listening to you, we know we will continue to create innovative “must have” baby gear for your family.

While you will be hearing from several fun, knowledgeable and interesting members of our Kolcraft family, I will be the “host” of Baby Matters Blog. Who am I? My name is Michelle Halm. I’ve been working with Kolcraft blog moms who have been testing our products and now I’m diving into the blog mix with our Kolcraft blog. It’s exciting to be part of Kolcraft’s adventure into the social media parenting world and it’s an absolute privilege to be blogging with you.

I can promise this will be an exciting journey together. There will be wonderful parents featured on our blog, parenting tips shared, information on new products, and much more. Please don’t be shy – join in the conversation and add your voice. (It’s never fun talking to myself!) If you have feedback just go ahead and leave a comment or email me at BabyMatters@kolcraft.com.

One more thing, Kolcraft works within a highly regulated industry. That means there are certain topics we will not be able to discuss here. Please reference our rules of engagement and terms of service for more information on this.

Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to have you. Our Kolcraft family is eager to start this journey and get to know you!